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Over the years (read: a long, long time ago in a time far, far away…) I wrote some poetry.  It has been a number of years since I have written anything (read: a lot of it is probably immature… and poorly done… but it is what it is) but I may do something once in awhile, and this is where they’ll be.

This page will also include any other more personal things than my main page… pictures, trials & tribulations, maybe even some victories…

After posting a couple things I found that adding new items on to the bottom of the post makes it pretty difficult for the readers… so I’ll be adding new things to the top… that way you don’t have to scroll down so far to get to things you’ve missed… if you’re at all concerned about that… hehe.

Wow, a majority of my poems are really depressing…

(’89)  Dedicated to all my friends from WCC and my christian friends the whole world over.

Although the years will keep us apart,

I still believe in you.

Because of the times we’ve talked and laughed

I know you’re a friend who’s true.

You have shared a part of your life

That will always be in my heart,

Because as friends from far away

our hearts will never part.

You see, I know I have found a friend,

A friend who is always true.

And as days pass on and the years go by

I know I can count on you.

So don’t forget the good times,

when things would never go wrong.

And don’t forget the bad times,

for that makes friends so strong.

I won’t ever forget you,

The memory will never fade.

For we are friends forever,

We’re friends that God has made.


(’89)  Friends Can Help!

I don’t care who you are

I want to be your friend.

The fact that others do not care

bugs me to no end.

I would like to take your troubles

and add them unto mine,

For all my troubles are numerous

and a few more I won’t mind.

For if I can help you in any way,

take your worries and cares away,

Would make me happy beyond belief,

for I just want to bring relief.

A life without a friend it seems

is like a broken oar.

No matter how hard you row with it

you won’t move anymore.

You’ll drift with the current

till you reach the sea,

And the waves will overwhelm you

and drive you to your knees.

But a friend will help you and toss you a line

so you can reach the shore,

And then the world will seem so fine

and you can do much more.

So if you want to be my friend

then put your hand in mine,

Together we will roam the shore

until the end of time.


(’89)  My World Is Falling

My world is falling in on me

and what I say is true,

My girlfriend and I broke up you see

and now I feel so blue.

I don’t know how to tell you

just how I feel inside,

My world is falling in on me

I’ve nowhere left to hide.

I loved her more then she can know,

Together we had fun.

But my world is falling in on me

and clouds cover up the sun.

I hurt so bad I want to cry

but I’m a “big tough man”,

My world is falling in on me

alone to cry, I can.

I get so scared that she will find

someone that is better than me,

I don’t know, it’s hard to let go,

my world is falling in on me.

I don’t know when I’ll see her next,

I don’t know how it will be.

I still love her and always will,

my world fell in on me.



When all you’ve kept within your heart

Is taken away from you,

When all your hopes and joys and dreams

you know won’t ever come true.

Then what is left to live for?

what dream is left to dream?

Your time is spent in sorrow,

Your heart’s crushed by a beam.

A beam that’s made of cruel hate

and formed by your own soul.

You ask yourself what you did wrong,

just why you missed your goal.

Why don’t you do anything right,

just what is wrong with you?

You ask yourself again and again

just what there is to do.

To make all your troubles go away,

and all the sorrow too.

To start again in the right way

and stop from being blue.

So when all your dreams are shattered

and you feel so blue,

Give your troubles to me my friend

‘cuz I’ll be there for you.


(’89)  Love’s a Rose

Love is like a rose

That blooms and that grows

Its beauty is overwhelming

And it demands attention

The petals are delicate

And they need affection

The stem is strong

And holds it firm

The thorns protect

From danger and harm

But for many flowers

The season goes by

The flower starts to fade

And wither and die

But many people know

What others will forget

Love is like a rose

But that’s not all yet

Some people don’t know

That beauty will die

The beautiful rose

Will someday say goodbye

Its appearance is nice

But it is soon gone

But down in your heart

Its beauty will live on

Love is that way

It will seem to die

But down in your heart

It’ll never say goodbye

For love is like

A bright red rose

The beauty of it

Blooms and grows

But when it dies

And is no longer there

The scent will stay

And it lingers in the air.



This morning I got up,

I got up to pray.

Please help me dear Lord

Throughout this whole day.

I need you to show

Yourself to me.

Your physical side

I need to see.

The care in your eyes,

The touch of your hand.

Fingerprints on the wall,

Footprints in the sand.

How can I believe

What I can’t even see?

How can I trust,

Just show yourself to me.

I looked for you all day

You didn’t take my hand.

No fingerprints on the wall,

No footprints in the sand.

I walk home at night,

Tired and worn out.

I look up to heaven,

Faiths candle’s gone out.

The rain from the sky

Is washing over my face,

And I suddenly realize

I’m looking in the wrong place.

The tears from your eyes

Rain down upon me.

The love in your heart

Are the flowers I see.

I looked for you hand

And saw birds up on high,

I looked for your face

And saw stars in the sky.

You’re all around me

I just couldn’t see

Which physical side

You were showing to me.

I’m going to bed

So I kneel down to pray,

Thank you dear Lord

For showing yourself today.


(’88) Abortion is Mercy?

I am your child, or could have been.

I am your blessing, though never seen.

I could have become what you have dreamed,

I’m your Jane or John, or could have been.

You had the chance to love me,

But you gave me up for naught.

I could have loved you too,

But my love was not what you sought.

I may have become a special person

If I were still alive.

I could have helped you through your trials,

But you took away my life.

Am I so terrible, so small and unknown?

I was for you but you never will be shown,

The very first step I made to you,

The funny horse I drew for you.

You’ll never know the joy I bring.

Mom, I am your child, or could have been.


(’89)  The Lonely Path

I walk alone, alone tonight

Beneath the clouded moon,

Because you chose another path

And left me in my gloom.

I tried to walk along your path

So I could be with you,

But no matter just how fast I ran

You kept just out of view.

And so I walk my path alone

And wonder where you are,

You used to walk along with me

But it wasn’t very far.

You have found your own path to tread

And it’s not the same as mine,

But I think that if you’d stayed with me

Things would’ve turned out fine.

I hope your path is a happy one,

And I hope the view is nice,

For mine is in the shadows now

And it feels as cold as ice.



  1. Love ’em.

  2. I remember a lot of these from back in the day…..I think I still have one in my poetry binder. Where that binder is, I couldn’t tell you, but I have it! Not sure which one you gave me but I’m pretty sure it’s one of these. Looking forward to reading some new stuff 🙂

  3. Enjoyed your poems! I hope to see more. 🙂

  4. I love your poetry Rob! Very expressive and it conjures images as well as memories of my own as I peruse through it. Thank you for sharing it.

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