Posted by: arnegrim | November 15, 2012

The best tax…

…is the one that you don’t pay.

That is what the teacher in my Federal Income Tax class said. He was talking about politicians and how they make promises to get elected… and one of those is to raise revenues by taxing people that don’t vote for you. His example was in reference to hotel taxes. Those people are, generally speaking, from out of the area. They are simply visiting and do not have a say in the political makeup of that specific area.

It works on the grand scale too. Obama has successfully been re-elected on the stance that the wealthy should pay more taxes, and the number of ‘non-wealthy’ people make this a popular stance. Thankfully, based on the distribution of the popular vote, it is not an overwhelming sentiment of the population… but it’s growing… and I am worried.

Without a shift in thinking, this sentiment will become the overriding mantra and will ensure the speaker is put into power for years to come… until the house of cards falls.

I don’t look forward to that day, I just hope that when it does happen that it is not so devastating as to be unrecoverable.


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