Posted by: arnegrim | December 7, 2011

As time goes by

I find that I’m posting here with less frequency.  I think its just a phase… I hope so.  Maybe I’m just a little burned out on the whole political scene which makes up a majority of my posts here.  The articles I read are essentially rehashes of the same old same old.  I also have had a very busy personal life lately.  BUT, that is slowly changing with the season.  I finished up my classes for the semester.  YAY!  Now I get a little breathing room until next semester… ignoring my children’s school activities of course.

So… for the 1 or 2 of you who might actually read my blog… Merry Christmas!  He is the reason for the season!  For anyone who stumbles upon this and is offended by that… too bad.  We are destroying our identity, and in the process our society, with our ultra-PCism.  You have every right to disagree with me and I do not take offense to that.  It is the differing views that allows us as people to advance AS people.  I do not want a world of ‘mini-me’… mainly because I don’t believe I have all the answers… or necessarily even a majority of them.  Without disagreements we become stagnant in our thinking.

In case I don’t make it back here in the next 3 weeks or so… see you in 2012!


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