Posted by: arnegrim | September 28, 2011

Obama’s war

“A survey of weapon depots in Libya shows that up to 20,000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles are now missing, partly because President Barack Obama has refused to send troops to guard the weapons depots…

…“I was in Iraq in 2003 and the amount of weaponry floating around in Libya is much greater than the anything we saw in Iraq,“ said Bouckaert.

Islamists have used surface-to-air missiles against aircraft in Iraq, and tried in 2002 to shoot down an Israeli civilian airliner in Kenya. The Israeli aircraft survived, likely because it “had some form of defense systems against the missiles, which U.S. airplanes don’t,” Bouckaert said.

Despite the growing concern among officials in the U.S and Europe, he said, “you can still walk into any facility without anyone stopping you.””;_ylt=AgGev.kPg9J6B32pfgMsK2Kw73QA;_ylu=X3oDMTRodXE0ZTdsBGNjb2RlA2dtcHRvcDIwMHBvb2xyZXN0BG1pdANOZXdzIGZvciB5b3UEcGtnAzFkZGU2OTIwLWQ1MzAtM2JhZC1hNWE5LTQ5NTM3M2YzNGI5NwRwb3MDNQRzZWMDbmV3c19mb3JfeW91BHZlcgM4MDgzMGY5MC1lOTNiLTExZTAtYjc3Yi1lYzc0NzUzMjA0ZTU-;_ylg=X3oDMTJybXZvZnJyBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDNzVmZDM2OWUtOTI1OS0zYjMxLTkwNTUtNTZiNmY5YWU0NmI3BHBzdGNhdANidXNpbmVzcwRwdANzdG9yeXBhZ2U-;_ylv=3



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