Posted by: arnegrim | August 18, 2011

Special Interests elections

“President Barack Obama has sworn off special-interest money to pay for his re-election bid. But it turns out those dollars are fair game for congressional Democrats – to the tune of millions.

An Associated Press analysis of campaign fundraising found that Democrats who are trying to regain control of the House next fall have raked in more than $15 million from political action committees this year…

Democratic leaders gloss over all that when they pressure the GOP presidential candidates to disclose their top donors, and even go so far as to trumpet the fact that Obama’s campaign and the DNC don’t take money from registered federal lobbyists and political action committees.

“The refusal to accept donations from federal lobbyists and PACs is critical to limiting the influence of special interests in the political process,” Wasserman Schultz said in a recent conference call with reporters. “Unfortunately, every single Republican candidate for president today happily accepts donations from lobbyists and PACs.”…

…Yet, even some of Obama’s bundlers have lobbying ties. Michael Kempner, who is president of MWW Group, a public affairs company with a Washington lobbying practice, raised at least $500,000. Other bundlers have worked as lobbyists in the past but are no longer registered, or they have lobbied state and local governments.”


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