Posted by: arnegrim | August 18, 2011

Congress/America disconnect?

“…A common complaint was that Republicans, and not the president, are preventing economic progress on the local front. There was little hope the tenor would change anytime soon.

“We need jobs. [Republicans] have been in there eight months. What jobs have they provided? They’re not going to support any jobs bill until October [2012] because they want to see him defeated,” says Kay Jenkins of Galva.

Jobs were the primary concern of the many union laborers in both audiences Wednesday. Many say projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act helped stimulate construction jobs in the area, such as the new fire station in downtown Atkinson. However, they say they fear Congress will prevent a continuation of even that progress.

“The anger is mostly towards Congress here, but it does spill out,” says Ron Hickey, a union laborer from Ottawa. “They’re playing around too much when they should compromise and get to work.”

As for those flags lining the route of the president’s motorcade, they were the product of Larry Eckhardt of Little York, who shows up in the area and plants them roadside whenever the body of a local war veteran returns home. Mr. Eckhardt has been doing this for five years in his free time as a retiree following years working at International Harvester.

Sporting a red, white and blue shirt, he says he is cheered by both the love of his country and Obama’s tenacity (“this man here is phenomenal”), but agrees with most interviewed here that Congress is working against the nation’s best interest…”

So… since Republicans have held the House for the past 8 months… it doesn’t matter that Democrats have held Congress (House AND Senate) for 4 years prior?  Or that they had a super-majority to do whatever they wanted (and did in Obamacare)?


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