Posted by: arnegrim | July 18, 2011

Obamacare rationing panel

“IPAB has the power to force Medicare cuts if costs go up beyond certain levels and Congress fails to act. Although Medicare’s long-term finances are troubled, it’s unclear if short-run costs will rise enough over the next decade to trigger the board’s intervention. If that happens, the law explicitly forbids IPAB from rationing care, shifting costs to retirees or restricting benefits…

…Critics say their concerns can’t be dismissed as easily as that, because IPAB is an attempt to cap Medicare spending. A stingy approach could stifle promising new medical innovations. And if IPAB leads to steep payment cuts, doctors and other providers will be reluctant to take Medicare patients, limiting access even without explicit rationing.”

Wait… the panel has the ability to force cost cuts to Medicare.  How do you do that?  By refusing to cover expensive treatments with lower success rates (ie some cancer treatments, etc)… paying doctors less $ (they are already paid less than they should be).

But… they cannot ration care, shift costs, or restrict benefits… Uh… so if they can’t affect anything that adds to the costs… how do they plan on cutting costs?

Sounds like a stereotypical government job.  Create red tape without accomplishing anything.


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