Posted by: arnegrim | June 1, 2011

Medicare and politics

Medicare is going broke.  Again, that’s not questionable.

“…A plan put forward by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan would not affect people over age 55, but future Medicare beneficiaries would instead be given government subsidies to purchase private health insurance. Independent analysts have concluded beneficiaries would end up paying more

…Included in that is $480 billion from Medicare and Medicaid. Obama’s plan is short on details but would aim to limit payments for prescription drugs and empower an independent board to recommend policies to keep Medicare expenditures down…”

Let’s see… would you rather pay more under Paul Ryan’s plan… or pay it all when Medicare goes bankrupt?

As for Obama’s plan… Recommending policies to keep expenditures down?  How is that NOT a panel determining what is or is not covered?  ‘Death panels’ as it were?


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