Posted by: arnegrim | April 28, 2011

Another Yes-man?

“…Obama has chosen CIA Director Leon Panetta to replace Gates as defense secretary…

…Most of all, Panetta is unlikely to express publicly reservations about the potential impact of cuts, as Gates has sometimes done — which McKeon is fond of pointing out.

“He’s a loyal soldier, a political soldier — that’s what Obama wants over there,” says James Carafano, director of foreign policy studies at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “He wants somebody to follow through. He’s already made the decisions.”

Putting someone in charge that has reservations over speaking out against the President’s ideas?  If it’s just against speaking out publicly… that I may agree with.  If he’s just another yes-man… then he is NOT the man for the job and it’s abhorrent that Obama would promote him to that position for that reason.


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