Posted by: arnegrim | March 31, 2011

Credit where credit is due – Obama’s truthfulness?

“…while much of Wednesday’s speech was about defending his approach on energy from Republican attacks, because White House aides had billed the speech as a major presidential address on energy, Obama had to do more than defend his policies. He had to go on the offense, too…

…much of the speech continued the president’s defense against Republican charges that his policies are preventing additional exploration and extraction of domestic energy supplies.

He repeated his assertion that last year domestic oil production reached its highest level since 2003.

As National Journal’s Amy Harder pointed out, however, much of that increased production was due to oil and gas leases approved during the George W. Bush years

…’Right now, the industry holds tens of millions of acres of leases where they’re not producing a — a single drop. They’re just sitting on supplies of American energy that are ready to be tapped. And that’s why part of our plan is to provide new and better incentives that promote rapid, responsible development of these resource’…

…The report completely whitewashes the fact that in many cases, the reason these leases have no exploration plans is that (the federal agency that oversees oil and gas leases) is sitting on those plans.

This is like leasing an apartment from the government for $20 million dollars – the government refusing to give you the keys to the apartment – and the government proceeding to complain because you are not occupying the premises.

The disturbing reality is that 2011 could go down as the first year since 1957 that there has not been at least one offshore lease sale. Not one.”


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