Posted by: arnegrim | December 22, 2010

Nationwide… redistricting is broken

“…With reapportionment settled, the far more politically divisive process of redistricting is set to begin. In Texas, both major parties were bracing for a showdown over the state’s new residents, beginning a fight that is sure to spark court action. But with Republican supermajorities in the Legislature, the temptation to run the table will be strong.

Rep. Pete Gallego, D-Alpine, said if the federal courts don’t intervene to compel fairness, Republicans will likely produce a map that gives their party the advantage in three or perhaps even all four of the new seats.”

DUH!  But when Democrats do it I don’t hear Democrats complaining…  it’s just a huge partisan joke.

Overall, the idea that politicians draw district lines is absurd… and at least California is trying to make a change in that…

Now to get the rest of the nation on board.


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