Posted by: arnegrim | September 20, 2010

Religious tolerance has its bounds…?

In light of the controversy over the Islamic mosque near Ground Zero… and the calls for tolerance in dealing with it… why is it suddenly now the proper thing to question O’Donnell about her ‘witchcraft’ experience from high school?  Does tolerance only go so far?  Is it only for ‘acceptable’ religions?

Or is it only acceptable to demand answers if you are a member of the ‘tolerant’ left?



  1. These discussions drive crazy! We’ll tolerate anything as long as it is so watered down and almost unrecognizable. If your a Christian no speaking of things like Jesus being THE Way THE Truth and THE Light. No public greetings of Merry Christmas or praying noticeably in any public place.

    They should build a whole block in NY that houses every single faith in it. A place for Muslims, Christians, Wtches, Spiritualists, naturalists, Buddhists, Shieks, Hindi, Atheists, polytheists, monotheists, polygamists, ect

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