Posted by: arnegrim | September 15, 2010

Democrats against O’Donnell

Information has come out lately about O’Donnell before she won the nomination to run for a Senate seat against Democrat Chris Coons…

“…The 41-year-old moved from Washington, D.C., to Delaware in 2003 to work as a spokeswoman for a conservative educational group called the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. She was fired less than a year later and, in 2005, she sued the company, alleging sexual discrimination, court records show. She later dropped the suit.

She received her degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University earlier this year, 17 years after attending the school. O?Donnell told the News Journal that the school was withholding her degree because of unpaid tuition. The university ultimately sued O?Donnell for $4,000. Records show the Internal Revenue Service placed a lien against O?Donnell for $11,744 in March for unpaid income taxes and fees. The lien was lifted months later and O?Donnell blamed the tax problem on a computer glitch…”

I’m curious to see… if Democrats bring up the $$ issues.. will Republicans point at the Democrats acceptance of Rangel and Waters and their $$ indiscretions as political duplicity?


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