Posted by: arnegrim | August 16, 2010

Pork over food stamps

When Democrats paid for their EduJobs bill last week by taking money out of the food stamp program, the media barely noticed it.  Undoubtedly that has created an incentive for Democrats and the Obama administration to steal from the poor once again.  This time, they will pull $8 billion already allocated to food stamps and other aid in order to fund Michelle Obama’s pet project, the anti-child-obesity bill

…Eight billion dollars in a $3.8 trillion budget amounts to … 0.21%.  What about the other 99.79% of federal spending?  And let’s not forget that last year’s omnibus budget bill that completed the FY2010 budget contained in itself over $17 billion in earmarks. I guess Congress gets to pork out while the poor and unemployed sacrifice.”

/sarcasm  Hey, if the kids can’t get at the food stamps… and the food… that should cut down on the obesity.  /endsarcasm


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