Posted by: arnegrim | August 9, 2010

The rain in Spain falls mainly on Michelle Obama

“Michelle Obama’s five-day trip to the south of Spain with daughter Sasha touched off a mini-firestorm stoked by questions about the wisdom of such a glamorous trip and over-the-top speculation about who was footing the bill and how many friends were along for the ride…

…The first lady traveled with a “minimal” number of friends, not 40, though no exact number was given. The friends got to Spain on their own, not flying on government aircraft. Mrs. Obama and her friends paid for their own meals and hotel rooms. She did not attend a fancy gala. And so on.

But the first lady does travel with Secret Service protection — at taxpayer expense, cost unannounced — and the expense of flying her military jet to Europe and back must have been considerable. Her entourage did book 60 rooms at one posh hotel

I’m not sure how many Secret Service agents are assigned to the First Lady on such a trip… and I don’t know how many hotel rooms they may have booked around the First Lady’s room that remained empty (for protection?)… but I would sure like to know.


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