Posted by: arnegrim | August 5, 2010

BP relief well to pump oil?

With the static kill proceeding well and looking successful…

“BP pumped cement into its blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, hoping to start sealing it for good a day after it forced a slow torrent of heavy mud down the broken wellhead and pushed the crude back to its underground source.”

The plans for the relief well are looking more and more unclear…

“But for reasons unclear, BP officials have in recent days refused to commit to pumping cement down the relief well, saying only that it will be used in some fashion. BP officials have not elaborated on other options, but those could include using the well simply to test whether the reservoir is plugged”

Personally, I think BP will work to use the relief well to pump oil again.  Of course, not being an expert on drilling, I don’t know if the relief well is set up the same as a normal well and able to be converted over to an active well easily… but I suspect that is the case.

On a side note…

“The apparent success of the static kill had some along the Gulf curious about why BP waited so long to try it”

Well, that’s because of all they had to do to the well in order to get it to the point where an experimental cap was placed on it.  The only reason it looks like it should have been done sooner is because it worked… if instead it had failed or made the situation worse there would be a larger mob looking to put heads on poles.

“An experimental cap has stopped the oil from flowing for the past three weeks, but it was not a permanent solution.”


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