Posted by: arnegrim | June 4, 2010

Just like in the movies…

No… it’s really not.

I understand the frustration with not seeing things happening quickly… but making movies underwater is not the same as what’s being attempted in the Gulf… not even close.

“The Oscar-winning filmmaker is no slouch in the deep-sea department, developing new underwater technologies to shoot The AbyssTitanic and a pair of Imax documentaries while pursuing his passion for ocean exploration.

“For 22 years, I’ve been working with a number if not most of the top people in the very small deep submergence community…I’m really involved in deep ocean archaeology,” he said. “I thought I know a lot of smart people in deep submergence…they know the engineering that’s required to get something done at that depth so I thought why don’t I get all those people together for a brainstorming session.””

There have been plenty of people asking ‘why not do this’ or ‘why not try that’… and it’s great that ideas are being put out there, but it’s a complex situation on land compounded by being done so far underwater… I think the time to experiment with new ideas is when you aren’t trying to stop a gusher but when you can spend the time to do it and analyze it and tweak it.

BP screwed up by overlooking problems and not being prepared… (as did NASA with a couple shuttle disasters) but they are still the ones that are in the business of what they’re doing… and have real-world experience with oil wells to find the best solutions that will solve the problem.



  1. REALLY, GUYS?! I think that just because they can see the spill on TV they think it’s a …movie?

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