Posted by: arnegrim | May 18, 2010


“At a news conference backed by veterans, the popular Connecticut attorney general and front-runner to replace the retiring Sen. Christopher Dodd, said he meant to say he served “during Vietnam” instead of “in Vietnam.” He said the statements were “totally unintentional” errors that occurred only a few times out of hundreds of public appearances.”

‘during’ – ‘in’… ok, I can understand that mistake…

“…The Times story said Blumenthal has intimated that he suffered the mistreatment veterans received after returning from Vietnam. At a veterans event in Shelton, for example, he said, “When we returned from Vietnam, I remember the taunts, the verbal and even physical abuse we encountered,” according to a 2008 Connecticut Post story.”

Uh… that is NOT a misstatement.  Delusion?



  1. I’m in agreement with your perspective.

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