Posted by: arnegrim | March 25, 2010

Subsidies… time to rework them…

“By far the largest share of farm subsidies in 2006 was the $11.2 billion (84 percent) in various commodity payments designed to prop up farmers’ incomes. Payments for conservation practices on farms totaled just over $2 billion, mostly under the Conservation Reserve Program that pays farmers to plant grass or trees on fragile cropland under ten-year contracts.Another $160 million was disbursed in disaster aid. (Last year Congress passed legislation to provide disaster aid retroactively for crop and livestock losses in earlier years, including 2006)”

Paid to grow grass and trees?

“Over a million recipients collected direct payment subsidies for crops in 2006. Direct payment subsidies are provided to farmers regardless of commodity prices or farm income levels. Despite record prices for some crops and for net income for subsidized crops, and projections of similar market and income conditions over the next five years, Congress is poised spend another $26 billion on direct payment subsidies under the 2008 farm subsidy bill.”

Regardless of how much they make?!?

Programs included in livestock subsidies

Program Total Payments
Emergency Livestock Feed Assistance $1,235,072,522
Livestock Compensation Program $1,107,722,220
Livestock Emergency Assistance Program $165,414,424
Cattle Feed Program – Nonfat Milk $136,704,376
Small Hog Operation $122,137,432
Livestock Indemnity Payments $84,628,948
American Indian Livestock Feed Program $26,821,394
Livestock Relief $25,288,004
Emergency Feed Grain Donation $3,505,281
Livestock Indemnity-contract growers $1,073,848
Livestock Indemnity Prog – Authorization $134,539
Small Hog Operation 2 $0

Why not have everyone raise their crop/livestock… sell that food to the UN Food Program or directly to the third world countries and subsidize the farmers the difference.  That way they are working for their income, the food benefits those that need it, and subsidy costs should go down since we’re no longer paying people to NOT raise crops…


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