Posted by: arnegrim | February 27, 2010

Healthcare reform bill doesn’t add up…

Throughout the televised ‘bipartisan’ meeting on Feb 25th, the Democrats kept repeating that healthcare costs are rising too quickly… not much argument there… and that their bill to reform healthcare will not only extend coverage to 30,000,000 more people… but it will also reduce the deficit.

Now, covering more people is great… and reducing the deficit is necessary (especially with the current administration sending deficits soaring)… but does it reduce the cost of healthcare?

If you look no further than that, you might think yes… after all, Democrats keep saying that the cost of healthcare is driving up the deficit… and if the deficit is reduced through a healthcare reform…

BUT… look a little closer. Now, the bill is a 2,400+ monstrosity of legalese that I’m not going to study… but the Congressional Budget Office has. They are a non-partisan group that both parties love to quote when they agree and loath when they don’t.

So, what does the CBO say about the Democrats healthcare plan?

Does it reduce the deficit? Yes.

Does it reduce healthcare costs? No.

If you’ll note at the bottom of page 5 (image and link below)… which details healthcare costs and the projected impact of this bill… 2010 shows a rise in cost, which is to be expected as there are costs associated with creating and implementing new plans… 2011 shows a reduction in costs… as does 2012 and 2013. BUT, starting in 2014, healthcare costs rise… VERY quickly. (Interestingly, this is also the year a new president would take office assuming Obama is one-term only)

Democrats are hiding the true cost of this bill… misdirecting attention from rising healthcare costs to a ‘reduction in deficit’.

Let’s acknowledge the truth of the matter… and fix the root of the problem, not hide it.


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