Posted by: arnegrim | February 23, 2010

Hedging his bets…

What exactly is Obama thinking?

“A year after calling on Congress to act to reform the nation’s costly and inefficient health care system, Obama finally produced a plan of his own Monday. It used legislation already passed by the Senate as its starting point, making changes designed to appeal to House Democrats.”

The Democrats work like mad to create a massive healthcare bill (rejecting Republican input) and when they lose their super-majority in the Senate… they lose the power to force it through.

NOW, Obama says he wants to create a bipartisan bill… and he’ll get the Republicans ideas in a televised meeting on Feb. 25th.

But before that happens, he suddenly says that he’s willing to do it without Republican support… and then he creates a bill (see above article) that is a compromise between the House and Senate Democrat bills… still with no Republican input.

Why does he want to meet on the 25th?  He’s SAYS he wants bipartisan support… but his actions say he doesn’t care what Republicans think… he’ll put out what he wants and force it down the people’s throats.

Watch on the 25th… see if there’s any effort at bipartisanship…

And then watch after that.  My prediction – Obama will point to this current ‘compromise’ and tell Republicans to ‘take it or leave it, we’ll pass it either way.’

So much for uniting the country.


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