Posted by: arnegrim | February 11, 2010

What are Iran’s intentions?

Is it truly enriching uranium for use in a reactor?  It’s hard to say… they’ve shown bluster and arrogance towards the UN and the West over a number of years and a multitude of issues… this is just the most frightening.

What’s the big deal?  Besides their obvious hatred toward the US and Israel… a nuclear weapon in the hands of someone like Ahmadinejad, who denies the Holocaust, is a frightening prospect no matter what country you live in.

“Although material for the fissile core of a nuclear warhead must be enriched to a level of 90 percent or more, just getting its stockpile to the 20 percent mark would be a major step for the country’s nuclear program. While enriching to 20 percent would take about one year, using up to 2,000 centrifuges at Tehran’s underground Natanz facility, any next step — moving from 20 to 90 percent — would take only half a year and between 500-1,000 centrifuges.,2933,585064,00.html

How long do we wait?  Until a mushroom cloud appears over Jerusalem?


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