Posted by: arnegrim | February 11, 2010

Government forces insurance rates up…

Seriously… for all their talk of outrageous insurance costs and wanting to reduce the monetary impact to the insured, they are exacerbating the situation.

“Doctors who take care of Medicare patients haven’t had a decent pay raise in more than a decade, contends Patrick Correnty, M.D., an internist in Arlington, Va. So how does a 21 percent pay cut, effective March 1, sound?”

“…The pending cut in physicians’ reimbursements is the result of a complicated payment formula Congress approved in 1997 in order to control Medicare costs.”

Of course insurance premiums are going up… with the government underpaying doctors and hospitals they have to get their operating funds from somewhere… and that’s the insured public.

Question… if the government is underpaying now… with only a portion of the public depending on them, how many doctors and hospitals will go bankrupt if the government controls the payments for everyone?

Of course, we could insist the medical sector make major cuts in its R&D… stop spending money looking for elusive (& expensive) cures for such things as cancer and other significant diseases…

Yeah right.


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