Posted by: arnegrim | December 8, 2009

The Wisdom of Snow

So I’m driving home from work listening to a song by the TransSiberian Orchestra titled ‘The Wisdom of Snow’

Train of thought:
How is snow wise?
Snow is beautiful and covers everything.
Ugly things are hidden by snow.
God’s grace covers our ugly sins.
The areas under branches are not covered by snow.
The sin we try to hide from God remains ugly.
As snow melts, the water helps the plant grow… Even the part the snow didn’t cover.
Even when we try to hide our sins from God, His grace and love still work to help us grow.

There’s a lot to learn from snow…



  1. So true. Love it!

  2. I love that! You won’t BELIEVE the conversations I’ve been having this week… right along those lines! Thanks for sharing!
    BTW: The kids’ favourite Christmas music is TransSiberian Orchestra! Thanks for introducing them to us!

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