Posted by: arnegrim | November 9, 2009

Obama’s Katrina…?

So far, the H1N1 virus has not lived up to the government-hype… (no real surprise to me), and yet, with the information coming out about the vaccine promised by the government (see below), they are simply on the right end of rabbit’s… er… pig’s foot.  If it HAD been as bad as they were claiming it could be, the inefficiency in the response would have been Obama’s Katrina.  The question is, will they learn from this (hopefully better than they say they learned from Bush’s mistakes) and ACTUALLY fix the system?  Pretend you’re waiting for the H1N1 vaccine… don’t hold your breath.

“After all, it wasn’t too long ago the feds assured us that about 120 million doses of H1N1 vaccine would be shipped by the end of October. Of course, the government never did say which October.

But what if it was this just recently expired October?

According to the government’s own figures, it fell just a bit short of meeting the goal. After promising 120 million doses, it managed to ship just 17 million.

It wasn’t as if we were already drifting into the second year of the possible pandemic. After all, you know how brief a mere 17-month warning can be.”




  1. And this is the government who wants to run your healthcare and can do it *better* than the private companies.

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