Posted by: arnegrim | October 26, 2009

Vacation time?

It was a big topic and point of contention for many during Bush’s time in office… the amount of time he spent away from the Oval Office on ‘vacation’… are these same people keeping track of Obama?

“Obama on Sunday played his 24th round of golf since his inauguration Jan. 20 — matching Bush’s presidential total, which he racked up in two years and ten months.”

Let me be clear… this really doesn’t bother me.  Even the time Bush spent away on ‘vacation’… because they are Presidents 24/7… they get briefings every day, on vacation or not.

I hope he gets some relaxation from the links… and I hope it allows him some time to get a taste of being a ‘regular’ Joe for a small time, the Presidency takes its toll quickly on people.


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