Posted by: arnegrim | August 19, 2009

Personal worth?

What gives something or someone worth? You look at people who use their time to take advantage of others. You have machines or constructions that exist simply to destroy.

Do items derive their worth by their users? Do people derive their worth by their actions?

In the first case I would say absolutely. Guns don’t kill. People with guns do… so the gun has no worth except what the user gives it. It could be something of good value such as providing food for people to eat… or bad value such as robbing a liquor store and shooting the owner.

In the second case I would say it should be more like the first. Who are we allowing us to be used by? A person will derive good value when used by God… bad value when used by Satan.

A tool such as a hammer has no inherant value… does a person?


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