Posted by: arnegrim | May 7, 2009

Do they honestly believe…

that these companies won’t increase prices to make up for their loss?

“President Barack Obama outlined a budget plan Thursday that would end $26 billion in oil and gas industry tax breaks”

Better yet…

“Obama’s budget also would largely abandon the Bush administrations push to develop hydrogen as an energy source, calling its emergence as a viable fuel unrealistic for the near future… Other research into electric car technology, better batteries and development of biofuels is ‘a much better place to put our money,'”

So… instead of increasing research into a truly clean fuel such as hydrogen, they reduce funding placing its ’emergence as a viable fuel’ even further into the future, and instead invest more into things that are difficult to recycle and are environmentally dangerous… batteries.



  1. w00t!!! Long live OIL!!! 😉

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