Posted by: arnegrim | April 13, 2009


With personal approval from the President for a military strike that ended with 3 pirates dead and the captain rescued, the US is feeling proud.
However, remaining pirates have vowed retaliation and are holding over 200 people hostage… 200 non-Americans.
So… the US has no ‘worries’… but what will these foreign countries say if their citizens are murdered because of what the US did to save their own?
Piratical retaliation leading to political retaliation?
“Angry pirates vowed retaliation for the deaths, raising fears for the safety of some 230 foreign sailors still held hostage in more than a dozen ships anchored off the coast of lawless Somalia.
The pirates still hold about a dozen ships with more than 200 crew members, according to the piracy watchdog International Maritime Bureau.”


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