Posted by: arnegrim | April 13, 2009


Ok… so our office just finished up with a very busy time… no vacation allowed… better be dead than miss work sort of time.
The problem is… they gave a few select individuals the opportunity to work overtime on Saturday. Now, I probably would not have worked any… my wife was out of town and I had a daughter to watch… but one of these individuals is constantly sick. Yes, she does have some legitimate medical issues, but not so severe, I believe, to warrent all the time she has been gone.
So, she was ‘rewarded’ with the ability to work overtime on Saturday… and today she has gone home sick before being here even 1 hour.
Is it wrong for me to be upset? I believe that the overtime should have been offered to more, other, people… I also think that she is taking advantage of the situation and yet this is an occurence that has happened every time.
Is this something I should mention to a supervisor? I am not the only one that is upset about this… the idea that she is rewarded for being gone all the time…
Any advice?



  1. If you focus on what special treatment others get it will only fester in you if you let it. Pick your battles wisely ;).

  2. I agree… hehe. I mentioned this to a manager in the office that I get along very well with and she mentioned it to the big boss… very nicely. He brought me into his office and we discussed the situation a little bit.
    Yeah, I had little reason to be so angry… but at the same time, they agree that they did not handle the situation well.
    All in all, it’s water under the bridge. We’ll see what happens next time around. hehe

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