Posted by: arnegrim | March 24, 2009

Made that way…

Our society today is working on creating ‘victims’.  We are not responsible for our own actions… instead we are victims of circumstance, society, or even our own genetics.  Our society is working hard to make everything either a disease or a genetic issue… and this is most evident in the argument that homosexuality is in how a person is ‘made’.

Here’s my two cents.  Who cares.  God has made it very clear that homosexuality is wrong.  Let me be very clear.  Homosexuality is wrong… being a homosexual is not.  Are you confused yet?  Just as an alcoholic is always an alcoholic, homosexuals may always be homosexuals.  That does not mean they practice homosexuality.  Homosexuality is the sin… a homosexual is/may be the sinner… and there is and should be a distinct difference in the minds of Christians about this.  God hates the sin but loves the sinner, we should do likewise.

But if we were ‘made’ that way…?  Who cares.  The wonderful thing about God is that he gave us free will… the will to choose between right and wrong.  But if our body is ‘made’ that way then we have no choice…?  Not at all.  There are plenty of people who are ‘diagnosed’ with genes that give them addictive personalities.  They were ‘made’ to be alcoholics… they were ‘made’ to be kleptomaniacs… they were ‘made’ to be habitual liars.  Even so, you find plenty of people ‘made’ that way who do NOT participate in those activities.  There are numerous groups out there like AA or GA that help people do what they were not ‘made’ to do… and that is a choice.

As a good friend said to me once… we all have a cross to bear… for someone it may be pornography… for another it may be alcohol… for another it may be gambling… for another it may be homosexuality. 

There are plenty of sins out there… take your pick.  Pride, Greed, Envy, Adultry… any one of them alone makes you a sinner and no better than any other sinner.  Fighting against sin is a struggle no matter who you are or how you were made.  Homosexuality is no different.  Whether or not you were ‘made’ that way, practicing homosexuality is a sin and against Gods will.  The good news is… you have a choice… and God loves to forgive.


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