Posted by: arnegrim | February 26, 2009

Obama’s sleight of hand?

I applaud part of what he is planning on doing… putting costs into the budget that have before now been hidden. But is he being genuine about it? Will he hold back on other items? Or perhaps he’s setting himself up for 2012…

“Loading in stimulus spending, war appropriations and other special costs will raise the deficit immediately. But barring unforeseen circumstances, those costs are likely to be gone or at least sharply reduced by the end of Obama’s present term. And because he has pledged to cut the annual deficit—not the entire national debt—in half, starting with huge deficits now, that means he can slash spending in his fourth year relative to 2009 and still afford major programs.”,0,1415731.story?track=rss

02/26/09 update

It looks like sleight of hand is exactly what it is…

“The cost of the stimulus bill and the increased bailout support would push the deficit for this year to $1.75 trillion, nearly four times last year’s record $455 billion and a percentage of the economy — just over 12 percent — not seen since World War II. The deficit would remain near $1 trillion over the next two years before dropping to $581 billion in 2012 and $533 billion in 2013, the year that Obama has pledged to cut the deficit he inherited in half.”

So… taking a deficit of $455 billion… turning it into $1.75 TRILLION and then reducing it to $533 billion is considered ‘cutting the defecit he inherited in half’??  If that’s not massaging the books, I don’t know what is.  And they expect me to trust them with MORE of my tax money?!?



  1. They don’t expect you to trust them…they expect you to hand over your money and liberties regardless of trust.

  2. Sadly that is what it’s come to. It’s hard to see a ‘government of the people, for the people, by the people’.

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