Posted by: arnegrim | February 20, 2009

Satan’s Security Risk

In what ways does Satan work to influence us? Is it something as simple as putting something sinful in front of us that we desire? After conversing with a good friend this week, she pointed out something in my own life that has made me reconsider Satan’s work in my life specifically.
It’s not something as simple as desire, although I can see where that may play a part… but I think his direct strategy is to attack our own insecurities (which I have plenty of), our own self-worth (which I certainly struggle with).
Whether it be from the beginning with the idea that Adam and Eve were not wise enough… to the attack today that we’re not good enough… where we place our own self-worth is, I think, one of the foremost things Satan attacks.
How to break free? By being able to view our worth through the eyes of God… worthy enough that His only Son died for me… a worm of a creature worthy of the Glories of Heaven! I find this hard to do… but it’s something I certainly need to work on, because once I see how valued I am, the insecurities that Satan attacks will be negligable.



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