Posted by: arnegrim | December 16, 2008

Feeling Good

One of the things I hate most about the news is that they focus on what’s wrong in this world. Unfortunately I believe it becomes a self-perpetuating reality. If all anyone hears is how bad it is, then that’s all they see and they in turn get upset and/or depressed and contribute to the overall problem. However, if we could focus a bit more on what is good, I believe that things will get better much sooner.
So, what can we do to make others feel better? Anonymous notes in the parking lots? Being extra attentive to our own actions and attitudes toward others?
A few years ago I was working in Florida. A co-worker and I went out one evening to an area where they blocked off the streets and had parties… while the majority of the parties were in the bars along that stretch of road, there were a number of people outside enjoying the nice evening with friends. There were also a number of vendors selling different things all along the street. I bought a flower (I don’t recall if it was a fake one or not) and just walked along and handed it to a complete stranger without saying anything and continued on my way. Now, I doubt that person was having a bad time, but I’m sure that the incident was mentioned for a while afterwards and hopefully with a smile.



  1. Here’s something my good friend Derek taught me. When you’re finishing up with the cashier at the store, take note of their name tag and thank them by name when you leave.

  2. Hehe… you noticed!
    He still does it.
    Now I do it, too.

  3. Yeah, something so simple… and it can make such a big difference.

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