Posted by: arnegrim | December 10, 2008


Retirement – When did this become the ‘norm’?  Is it a product of a modern society?  Most countries in the world don’t know the meaning of it.  In third world countries if you are able to work you do so.  Does it stem out of the concept of children caring for a parent(s) when they get too old to work?  How did it become a right?  And how did that right become the responsibility of the government to fulfill?



  1. I think that more and more people work for the money that they can make and not because it’s their passion. People are no longer defined by what they do but by what they have and I think people have shifted their focus from working well to playing well. Their passions are what they do for recreation now and their work is the means to get at their passion. There is little pride now in a “job well done”.

  2. Partly, it’s also that same sense of entitlement that society has been steamrolling out. If you work for so long, you are entitled to stop working and live the remainder of your days in relaxation.

    That sense of entitlement is a very dangerous and problematic issue today, in a variety of areas.

  3. amen that!

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