Posted by: arnegrim | November 5, 2008

Political might

Politics have become an increasing object of fascination for me.  I don’t believe I have all the answers… let alone all the right ones… but I do think that I would be able to provide a sense of common sense.  Unfortunately with the way our political process works today, unless you are independently wealthy or have the backing of someone who is, there is virtually no chance to make a difference… but I still dream…



  1. I wrote in myself for City Clerk.

    I’ll have to tell you about my idea of the R&D Show on local access TV. Might give you an outlet.

  2. Hmmm… we’ll have to get together…

  3. Ah have a dream…
    Where my children will be voted in by the content of their character… not the colour of their money.

  4. Kanngiesser for GOVERNATOR!!!

  5. Governator… for a START!

  6. Hey! Put an RSS feed on this thing!

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